Books by Hannah Cuppen

  • Love-Shy

    Hannah Cuppen

    | Non-fiction | This book has 192 pages

    February 2014

    Rights sold to: Germany (Irisiana Verlag)

    Is the rest of your life in order, but are you unsuccessful with love?
    Do you long for a partner but keep running away when you get close to
    someone? Or do all your feelings disappear when somebody falls for
    you? Perhaps you are in a relationship, but you lack intimacy. In Love-
    Shy, Hannah Cuppen explains how these problems are all caused by
    fear of abandonment or fear of commitment, and how to deal with

    Hannah Cuppen is a hands-on expert. She interviewed many people
    about their experiences with fear of abandonment and commitment.
    As well as insights and tips, her solution-oriented book includes numerous
    authentic real-life stories. It shows you how to open your heart to
    yourself and then to others, in order to give love a fair chance.

    * English translation sample available *

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