Books by Jaap Lodewijks

  • Meeting Saint Francis in Modern Leadership

    Jaap Lodewijks

    | Non-fiction | This book has 96 pages

    November 2013

    Dutch pdf available


    The legacy of Saint Francis of Assisi, that spiritual master for all times, can be a great source of inspiration for managers and executives. In his book, Jaap Lodewijks links managers’ decisions and experiences to lessons from the Franciscan tradition. Saint Francis considered his leadership a necessity, but to him this role was no more important than washing other people’s feet. Both had to be done properly, honestly and carefully. He deliberately looked for people of other beliefs, and sought common ground rather than differences between human beings. Jaap Lodewijks also explains various Franciscan concepts such as temporality, the responsibilities of leadership, how to deal with leaders, and brotherhood. His writing is theoretical and practical, frank and concise.

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