Books by Laura Maaskant

  • Live!

    Laura Maaskant

    | Non-fiction | This book has 191 pages

    May 2014


    English sample translation available •  Dutch pdf available • 

    Rights sold to: Bastei Lübbe (Germany)


    Laura Maaskant is fifteen when she first hears that she has a rare form of cancer. After a long, tough course of treatment she turns out to have been cured, and she picks up the thread of her young life. She finishes secondary school and goes to university in Amsterdam.

    But then the disease returns. The prognosis is uncertain, her life expectancy limited. Laura refuses to undergo more gruelling treatments. She opts for quality of life, not with a bucket list, but ‘normal’ life, with her friends and her family, and her work. As she says, she now lives her life to the full.

    In Live! Laura Maaskant describes not only what the disease has cost her, but also what it has given her: the opportunity to enjoy the time she has left, and experience every day intensely.

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