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  • Brussels Syndrome

    Marc Buelens

    | Fiction | This book has 256 pages


    She is a well-known journalist covering European affairs. He is a top British negotiator. Along with the new European president, they receive a strange ultimatum. When six European commissioners are kidnapped at the same time, the trio is forced to work together.

    She has lost her freedom of movement. He is accustomed to negotiating with the devil. The president is caught in the European web of power.

    The kidnappers play the media with perfectly orchestrated revelations. Is the journalist a puppet in the manipulative hands of the kidnappers? What is the British negotiator hiding? What game is the European president playing? What are the motives of the British politician who unexpectedly wins over the European public? Was Brexit only the first step in a comprehensive destructive plan?

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  • Marc Buelens

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