Books by Marianne Grandia

  • Whiter Than Snow

    Marianne Grandia

    | Fiction | This book has 394 pages

    September 2011

    Best Christian Book 2012

    Over 10.000 copies sold

    Rights sold: Francke Verlag (Germany)

    After a shocking discovery, Kathy Smit severs all ties with her father Steven. Years later, she meets him again at his bedside, but they do not reconcile. Her father dies and Kathy is forced to arrange his funeral. Kathy throws herself back into her work, but still cannot close the chapter on her father: his apartment has to be emptied and a woman called Ellen will not leave her alone. Ellen turns out to have quickly developed a special bond with her father and will not give up until Kathy hands over a bag of his personal belongings. And then there are also Martijn and Jeroen, who both want something from her that she cannot give.


    Whiter than Snow gets more fascinating with every page you turn.’ –  WOMEN’S MAGAZINE EVA
    ‘Grandia writes fl uently and accessibly about very ordinary characters; people like you and me.’ -  NEDERLANDS DAGBLAD,  DUTCH CHRISTIAN NEWSPAPER
    ‘The author is able to convey feelings and emotions in an understandable way without getting sentimental. She writes fl uently, which makes this book unputdownable.’  - DUTCH LIBRARY SERVICE NBD|BIBLION
    ‘I hope she will write many more books!’ –  PASTORAL MAGAZINE ELISABET


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