Books by Marleen Finoulst & Patrik Vankrunkelsven

  • Chocolate Makes You Smarter: And Other Health Myths

    Marleen Finoulst & Patrik Vankrunkelsven

    | Non-fiction | This book has 250 pages

    Stuck in a traffic jam for hours? Particulates shorten your lifespan. Been using a mobile phone every day for years? Brain cancer is lurking around the corner. Is your memory failing you? You should really do a Sudoku every day.

    Everyone wants to live longer and be happy, as well as slim, energetic and healthy. Health is clearly a subject that interests us all. But sensational stories in the media that are filled with promises can often be misleading. The Belgian Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, an independent, multi-disciplinary and inter-university medical science institute, launched the ‘Gezondheid en Wetenschap’ (Health and Science) website in 2013, aimed at teaching people what to do with health information presented in the media and providing patients with reliable, verified information. In this book, the authors bring together some of the latest health myths and debunk many of the most perennial misconceptions to help you figure out what to believe and how to read health reports in the media with a critical eye.

    The health myths that the authors analyse include:

    • Do regular visits to the sauna reduce the risk of dementia?
    • Do women who sleep well have better sex?
    • Do grandparents who care for their grandchildren live longer?
    • Does the pill for baldness cause erectile disfunction?
    • Are you more likely to get ill if you’re afraid of getting ill?
    • Does music affect our sense of taste?
    • Are gluten-free diets bad for your health?

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