Books by Moreen Waal, Aretha Waal & Martha Waal

  • SuriMAM Cooking: In Pursuit of the Soul of Surinamese Cuisine

    Moreen Waal, Aretha Waal & Martha Waal

    | Non-fiction | This book has 176 pages

    SuriMAM Cooking is an enticing cookbook from the Waal sisters, featuring a selection of the tastiest recipes and main culinary traditions from Suriname, a real gem for culinary travellers. In this book, the three sisters tell the story of their love for cooking. Using childhood memories, important family events and holidays, they guide you through all the dishes they have carefully selected, while sketching their immigration story as a fascinating background to the celebration of Suriname cuisine.

    With mouth-watering, authentic Surinamese dishes from natural and readily available ingredients: classics like pom and roti, peanut soup with tom tom, yellow split pea soup and ginger beer. This book is bursting with all sorts of recipes, from festive meals, tasty snacks, soups and sauces to sweet desserts. An enticing collection of dishes and culinary traditions that take you on a journey to discover the heart and soul of Surinamese culture.

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