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  • Chef with Guts: To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art

    Nigel van der Horst

    | Food & Health | This book has 160 pages

    Lazy Sundays, tattoo art, summer breeze – a sexy cookbook for those who like to enjoy food & life

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    Nigel van der Horst, also known as Chef with Guts, has concocted perfectly-constructed recipes bursting with flavour. Enjoy delicious pancakes, mouth-watering burgers, exciting salads and tasty pizzas, while ensuring that the weight stays off. Nigel isn’t a fan of diets, but instead provides an insight into your eating patterns. The composition, nutritional values and calories of the dishes are all included, meaning that everyone can design their own meal plan.

    ‘My dishes are original, a feast for the eyes and show that it doesn’t have to be difficult to find a balance between eating good, healthy food and a responsible lifestyle.’ – Nigel van der Horst.

    Praise for Nigel van der Horst:
    ’Nigel, a.k.a. Chef with Guts is surely the country’s best (and buffest) male food blogger?! And his dishes are even better-looking.’
    – Elise from Chickslovefood

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