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  • Time Surfing

    Paul Loomans

    | Non-fiction | This book has 144 pages


    Rights sold: Le Relié (France)

    * Full English, German & French translation *

    Who has time these days? Any moments that haven’t already been accounted for are swallowed up by smartphones, social media, and working into the evening hours. But stress also comes from within.Time Surfing will help you rediscover the calm in your own life.

    Time Surfing is a method that consists of seven pointers. These instructions will feel natural, and make it possible for you to surf over the waves of time. You will learn that you can trust your intuition when it comes to choosing what to do. As a result, your actions are not only inspired but also very effective. The focus you experience will be relaxed and unforced. But more than anything else, an inner sense of calm will arise, and again and again you will feel: I’ve got the time.

    Time Surfing has been proved popular even in the business world. Companies and occupational health organisations such as Delta Lloyd, the Trimbos Instituut, and De Persgroep are introducing their employees to Time Surfing with the book and workshops to encourage a healthy way of working.

    Praise for Time Surfing and the concept of Time Surfing:

    ‘Time Surfing teaches you to focus on only one thing at a time and to trust your natural ability to organise. In this way you can continue to function calmly, even when there is a constant need for action.’ – GEERT JAN GROENEVELD, NEUROLOGIST VU UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER

    ‘Now I function without schedules and with much more confidence. Time Surfing is like being carried by time.’ – MARTINE DES TOMBE, CONDUCTOR

    ‘What a wonderful book!’ – LISETTE THOOFT, WRITER AND JOURNALIST

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