Books by Stefan Buijsman, Govrien Oldenburger & Vanessa van Oostijen

  • Algebrealm

    Stefan Buijsman, Govrien Oldenburger & Vanessa van Oostijen

    | Children's Books

    Playful work of non-fiction about the wonderful world of mathematics

    The Wonderful World of Mathematics

    Mathematics is becoming increasingly important in our high-tech society, but many children find it difficult and boring. To get children excited about mathematics, Stefan Buijsman and Govrien Oldenburger have written an accessible and exciting adventure about David and Emma, who travel through the Algebrealm together and learn about the use of mathematics in daily life. In this playful, narrative non-fiction book there are no complicated sums, but extraordinary adventures, insights and jokes, which will help children learn all about graph theory, functions, game theory, cryptography and much more!

    Written by young philosopher of mathematics Stefan Buijsman – who obtained his doctorate at the age of twenty – and journalist Govrien Oldenburger, who is able to explain complex subjects in a simplified manner.


    ‘Disappearing into a magical world, in which all sorts of events occur that make you realise that mathematics and its use in everyday life are not so bad after all.’ – NBD BIBLION

    ‘An enjoyable narrative style with simple language. […] Thanks to this playfulness, it is interesting (even for those who aren’t keen on maths) but, most of all, fun to read.’ – NIENKE KINDERBOEKENBLOG

    ‘A book for children who are interested in mathematics and how it is present all around us, even when we don’t expect it.’ – PLUIZUIT.BE


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