Books by Wieke van Oordt

  • Playtime

    Wieke van Oordt

    | Fiction | This book has 288 pages

    Playtime by Wieke van Oordt is a hilarious, moving and clever novel of manners about four friends approaching menopause.

    Bibi and her friends are in their mid-forties and the anniversary parties with skits and embarrassing songs are coming round thick and fast. Marriage, career and children: everything is in place, but they are far from slowing down. On the contrary, their sex drive has returned, stronger than ever. They want passion, not safe roll-on, roll-off sex.

    Is it their hormones? Is Mother Nature urging them to have one final fling? They decide to give in to their desires, and form a club with four rules: do not sleep with friends or acquaintances, do not tell anyone, do not leave your partner and last but not least, do not fall in love. It’s just sex, so what could go wrong? But then Bibi bumps into Alexander at a party. Suddenly there is more at stake, and the question arises: can she stick to the rules?

    Wieke van Oordt paints a convincing portrait of the affluent milieu of today’s generation of fortysomethings: parties, relationship problems, friendship and secrets.

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