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  • Sitting Still Like a Frog

    Eline Snel

    | Non-fiction | This book has 128 pages

    ∗ full English, German, Spanish & French translation ∗

    Rights sold: Les Arènes (France), Shambhala (USA/World English), Kairós (Spain/Castilian and Catalan), Arneberg (Norway), Pegasus (Turkey), Phoenix (Russia), Goldmann/Random House (Germany), Gads Forlag (Denmark), Dong Al Il Bo (South-Korea), Living Psychology Publishers (Taiwan/Complex Chinese Characters), Samgha (Japan), Scolar (Hungary), Red Edizioni/Il Castello (Italy), CoJaNaTo (Poland), Chemical Industry Press (China/Simplified Chinese Characters), Rocco (Brazil), Natur & Kultur (Sweden), Albatros Media (Czech Republic), Modan (Israel), Thaihabooks (Vietnam).

    Eline Snel is a mindfulness trainer and her method has been a success in several countries around the globe. In her book Sitting Still Like A Frog, she explains how to teach mindfulness to children, in an entertaining and informative way. The book is illustrated and contains a CD to facilitate the training. It has sold over 22.000 copies in the Netherlands, over 74.000 copies in the US (since December 2013) and 150.000 copies in France.

    Press on Sitting Still Like A Frog:

    ‘Because of its lighthearted but deeply honest perspective, Sitting Still Like a Frog turns the cultivation of mindfulness into something more akin to a game, an experiment, and an adventure, rather than a burden. May this book find its way into the hands of all the parents and children who might benefit from it.’ – Jon Kabat-Zinn

    ‘The book is very informative and realistic. The explanation of the method is very clear and the illustrations are beautiful. It is, overall, a very pleasant read. Some tips can actually come in handy for adults as well!’ – Le Figaro

    ‘This book helps you find the ‘pause button’ on your child. With entertaining and easy exercises.’ – J/M Magazine

    ‘Very effective, simple, clear and thorough. Eline Snel’s methods are being translated and employed around the world for good reason.’
    Vives Onderwijsmagazine


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  • Breathe Through This

    Eline Snel

    | Non-fiction | This book has 114 pages

    April 2014

    ∗ full English, German, Spanish & French translation ∗

    Rights sold: Shambhala (USA/World English), Kairós (Spain/Castilian and Catalan), Herder (Germany), Arneberg (Norway), Pegasus (Turkey), Scolar (Hungary), Bookshill (South-Korea), Living Psychology Publishers (Taiwan/Complex Chinese Characters), CoJaNaTo (Poland), Red! Il Castello Group (Italy), Albatros Media (Czech Republic).

    Teenagers are funny, vulnerable, unpredictable and sometimes downright difficult. They crave independence, but they are often not yet ready for it. This demands a great deal of energy, not only from teenagers themselves, but also from their parents and teachers. The book, with the accompanying CD, offers practical mindfulness exercises that teach teenagers how to reflect on their own behaviour and teach parents not to immediately react to the behaviour of their children.

    Breathe Through This  helps to set boundaries and communicate better. Courage, confidence and compassion are essential. The exercises in the book will help adults, but also teenagers, to strengthen these qualities.

    An app has been developed by Eline Snel together with MindApps, exclusively for teenagers. The English-language version (The Sitting Still App) is available in the AppStore.

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