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  • The Karp Method

    Carole Lasham

    | Non-fiction | This book has 196 pages

    July 2014

    • Dutch pdf available • English material available •

     Babies aren’t ‘finished’ until they are three months old. Until then they can do little more than cry when they feel something or if they need something. Some babies cry more than others, and some parents cope better than others; but all young parents get to the point when they think, ‘Can I have a break from this noise?’

    Yes, you can. The Karp Method can calm any baby, with Harvey Karp’s magic five S’s.

    Dr. Karp’s Five S’s

    1 swaddle
    2 side or stomach position
    3 shush
    4 swing
    5 suck



    ‘A practical book explaining Karp’s method, supplemented by the author’s experiences’ – OUDERS VAN NU

    ‘This book will enable all parents of young babies as well as professionals to apply the Karp Method effectively.’

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