Books by Carolina Bont

  • High Sensitivity & Mindfulness Workbook: Happiness, resilience & intuition

    Carolina Bont

    | Non-fiction | This book has 240 pages

    * English sample translation *


    If you’re highly sensitive, finding an inner balance in today’s hectic world can be particularly challenging. This workbook helps you deal with the difficult aspects of high sensitivity and to make optimum use of the strengths it offers. By practising mindfulness, you can take specific steps on the road towards inner peace. This creates room for you to trust your intuitions more and to enjoy life. You’ll also learn techniques for how to increase your resilience. The energy exchanges with your environment will become clearer, releasing a new sense of vitality.

    Praise for High Sensitivity as a Strength:
    ‘This book has shed a different light on many of my feelings and experiences. It has given me the courage to take on a new, challenging job. There is still a lot to learn about optimally using my intuitive strength, but your book has definitely helped me to take the first steps in that direction.’ – Tim F., Head of Department at a software company

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