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  • Sworn Friends

    Edward Hendriks

    | Fiction | This book has 304 pages

    April 2014

    • Dutch pdf available •

    1988. Four scouting friends swear loyalty to one another with a blood oath. If one of them gets into trouble, the others will be there for him. Then, during a summer camp, a horrific accident happens.

    2013. Sander Thijssen has a good job as chief financial officer of a smallbank due for a takeover. When he is about to make the most important business decision of his life, he receives a disturbing telephone call. He is forced to confront the past. Are his old friends still there for him? Was the accident 25 years ago really an accident? And how far will Sander go to save his career, his family and his own life?

    Sworn Friends is a thriller set mostly in the Veluwe woods. Anyone who has ever been a scout and anyone who has enjoyed the TV series Tour of Duty will be able to relate to this book, if only for the unforgettable music of The Rolling Stones, The Birds and The Animals.



     ‘Hendriks used his scouting past as material for the thriller Sworn Friends, in which Sander Thijssen, a banker in Arnhem, is confronted on the eve of a merger with a painful incident from the past. (…) In the whirlwind of events that follow, nothing is what it seems, and the reader is often put on the wrong track.’ – DE GELDERLANDER


    ‘The story has a fantastic plot and remains exciting until the end. It sometimes reads like an exciting boys’ book. Edward gives us an insight into being a scout in the eighties. Innocent… or not?’ – READER’S REVIEW CRIMEZONE.NL

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