Books by Elvin Post

  • Dame Blanche

    Elvin Post

    | Fiction | This book has 320 pages

    At first glance, thirty-four-year-old Jane Raimy has got it made. She has her own cooking programme on television and enough millions in the bank to take it easy for the rest of her life. But Jane is not happy. Her relationship has just broken down and, despite rising viewing figures, she is far from satisfied with the content of her television show.

    What Jane doesn’t know is that there are bigger problems on the horizon in the form of Jerry Lauper, a psychopathic ex-con who swears by the book The Power of Positive Thinking. He is more than a little in love with Jane, and determined to find out if the feeling is mutual…

    Dame Blanche is suspenseful, funny, cinematic and irresistible.

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  • Room Service

    Elvin Post

    | Fiction | This book has 296 pages

    October 2010


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    32-year-old Jack Farrell is making a decent living from spying on people while they cheat on their partners. Money is pouring in and, given human nature, there is absolutely no reason to assume he will ever be out of work. But taking pictures of people who lie and cheat has not made Farrell a happy person. He is increasingly starting to wonder whether it might not be time for a change. Then he is approached by porn producer Archie Venice, who hires him to keep his son Larry a long way away from his ex-girlfriend Amanda. Will Farrell realise in time that Amanda is the last thing Larry needs in order to get into trouble again?


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