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  • I’m Vincent and I’m Not Scared

    Enne Koens

    | Children's Books | This book has 184 pages

    With my hand on my temple, I slowly get up. It’s extremely painful. So painful I can’t talk. Even if I were able to talk, I wouldn’t know what to say. Silently and in shock, I stare at Dilan. Stephan holds out his hand and I grab it.
    ‘Dil?’ asks Stephan. ‘I think you hurt him.’
    Dilan turns around and looks at us. ‘Let him go, man,’ he says. ‘You’re not going to touch him, are you? That guy is disgusting.’
    My head goes completely silent. Disgusting. So that’s what he thinks of me. He thinks I’m disgusting. Stephan’s mouth falls open and he lets go. I fall back down on the ground. Doubtfully, Stephan looks from me to Dilan and back again.
    Dilan turns around and walks away.
    Stephan hesitates for a moment, but soon follows him. He looks back one more time. I can see that he pities me. But Dilan, I now know, is capable of anything.
    From then on, I go to school every day with a stomach ache.

    Vincent loves anything to do with survival. He knows the SAS Survival Handbook by heart and always carries a can of survival gear with him. Survival is his second nature. It has to be, because every day he has to survive at school: Dilan and his friends have it in for him. And school camp has not even begun yet. Vincent fears the worst and prepares for it as well as he can. Then a new girl, The Jacket, joins his class, and that changes everything…

    ‘I love how Enne Koens wraps big problems in a cheerful jacket’ – Het Parool

    ‘An accessible, passionate book […] with humour, depth and an original adventure.’ – Trouw

    ‘Lively, light-hearted and humorous, yet behind it lies a whole hidden world. […] Enne Koens is one of those authors who has mastered the art of giving an insight into a child’s mind without explaining too much.’ – Jury report Book Lion 2016

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  • Hotel Bonbien

    Enne Koens

    | Children's Books | This book has 164 pages

    Lighthearted story with serious themes, about conflict and fear of divorce

    Rights sold: Gerstenberg Verlag (Germany)

    * English sample translation *


    Siri is ten and lives in France. Her parents run a hotel on the N19 for guests passing through on their way to the sunny south. Siri thinks it is the most beautiful place on earth and never wants to leave. But when her parents start start to argue more and more often, she is afraid they will get divorced and have to sell the hotel. She thinks that only a miracle can save them. Everything turns out all right, but in a very different way than Siri thought!

    In Hotel Bonbien, Enne Koens brings to life ten-year-old Siri, who makes funny and sharp-witted comments on her eccentric family and their life in a roadside hotel.

    Press on Hotel Bonbien:

    ‘An accessible, passionate book […] with humour, an original adventure, and depth.’ – Trouw

    Hotel Bonbien is a characterful […] story featuring a charming family about whom you would gladly read another five books.’ – ****1/2 Kidsweek

    ‘It is lovely how Enne Koens wraps big problems in a cheerful jacket. ’ – Het Parool

    ‘This book is beautifully written, fast-paced, funny and oh so familiar. It is a lovely, subtle story with brilliant dialogue and a nice moral, even for parents! ’ –  *****

    ‘Enne Koens employs a fast-paced narrative, full of humorous scenes and mild irony, so that Siri’s story never becomes too heavy or sentimental. This children’s book is reminiscent of Yellow Grass (2009) by Simon van der Geest, which was also a breath of fresh air among the meagre selection of books for eight to ten-year-olds. More of the same, please. ’ –

    ‘[…] Enne Koens has definitively established herself as an interesting new voice. ’ –  NRC Next

    Praise for Enne Koens:

    ‘Enne Koens makes you forget the great masters.’ – Volkskrant

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