Books by Fajah Lourens

  • The Killerbody Cookbook

    Fajah Lourens

    | Fitness & Health | This book has 176 pages

    The perfect companion to the successful Killerbody Plan! Good nutrition is essential to achieve (and maintain) your goals. Cook yourself slim with superfast recipes that Fajah Lourens has selected especially for you. Put a healthy and nutritious meal on the table every day that fits your personal workout and nutrition plan.

    Including food prepping, IF (intermittent fasting) and weekly nutrition plans.

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  • The Killerbody Plan

    Fajah Lourens

    | Fitness & Health | This book has 208 pages

    OVER 120.000 COPIES SOLD

    Rights sold: Yellow Kite – Hodder (UK & Commonwealth), Südwest Verlag/Verlagsgruppe Random House (Germany), Les Éditions Marie Claire (France)

    * full English translation *

    In the beautifully illustrated Killerbody Plan, Fajah Lourens and her team of fitness experts, nutritionists and doctors help you take the first steps towards achieving and maintaining your own Killer Body. With her Killerbody Plan, a healthy and toned body is within everyone’s reach in just three steps!
    The book provides a 12-week diet plan, nutrition guides, training programmes with step-by-step photographs and tasty yet quick and easy recipes, including shopping lists. It is a complete programme for men and women! With The Killerbody Plan you will lose weight healthily and tone up in 12 weeks!

    Praise for The Killerbody Plan:
    ‘There are many so-called ‘experts’ on social media telling us what to do, but what I love about Fajah is that she’s cut through all the ‘noise’ and created a focused 3-phase plan that will get fast results and also help readers find longterm success.’ – LIZ GOUGH, PUBLISHER AT YELLOW KITE HODDER

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