Books by Inez van Oord

  • If Your Life Is a Circle, Where Do You Stand?

    Inez van Oord

    | Non-fiction | This book has 264 pages

    September 2015

    * English sample translation *

    Rights sold: Kailash (Germany), Groupe Guy Trédaniel (France).


    Magazine maker Inez van Oord is known as the creator of the magazines Seasons and Happinez. And she was successful: they continue to be big brands. In this full-colour illustrated book, Inez writes about her own life lessons, which she describes as a journey through the life cycle. Her story is about ideas and how they come about, about setting up the magazines, and about success and loss. But above all, Inez shows that it is never too late to start over. This book is an appeal to bring words such as inspiration, imagination and connection back into our lives. It revolves around the simple question: Why do I do what I do? In our personal lives or our work is it all about ego or money, or is there still room and time for ideals, for others, for making connections? How do you show your values in your actions? Or have we forgotten them? ‘If you look at your life circle in this way, this circle becomes an internal guide, a compass. Not to send you to the north or south, but to the centre, to the essence, the most valuable place where everything comes together. ‘The most beautiful place to be,’ says Inez van Oord.

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  • Rebible

    Inez van Oord

    | Non-fiction | This book has 176 pages

    * English sample translation *


    Jesus walked on water, Eve ate an apple, Moses went up the mountain: these stories are familiar to many people. Miraculous stories, sometimes difficult to understand, a thing of the past. But the stories are part of our native soil. Is there a new way of reading the Bible and listening to these stories? Inez van Oord embarks on a journey to search for new interpretations. With a solid background in Easternphilosophy and religions, she offers new ways of reading so as to render the stories about Noah, Elijah, Jesus and other Biblical figures more accessible and, in many cases, more relevant to life in the 21st century. Inez turns to her brother Jos, a theologian, to help her answer these intriguing questions. Through their discussions, new insights arise. This book is the report of her search for these forgotten stories, which continue to provide inspiration in a different way today. How come we embrace the Buddha like a teddy bear but leave the Bible aside?

    ‘For a long time new spirituality and Christianity represented two entirely different worlds. This wonderful book endeavours in bringing them closer. With an open mind, it spurs dialogue and mutual understanding.’ – CLAARTJE KRUIJFF, NATIONAL THEOLOGIAN OF THE NETHERLANDS

    ‘Rebible is a beautifully designed book, written in modern language
    and not afraid of going against the established wisdom.’ – TROUW

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