Books by Jinske Verpalen

  • Just Do It Yourself!

    Jinske Verpalen

    | Art & Crafts | This book has 160 pages

    IMAKIN makes do-it-yourself easy

    Easy to understand, original and a lot of fun!

    30 DIY lifestyle projects using wood, paper, concrete, pottery, wire, leather, clay, paint & ink, textiles and metal

    DIY is modern, hip and unique! IMAKIN has proven that time and again with simple projects inspired by the latest lifestyle & design trends. Just Do it Yourself! contains 30 brand-new lifestyle projects, using 10 different basic materials, all created by IMAKIN’s creative entrepreneur Jinske Verpalen. These objects won’t end up gathering dust at the back of a closet – they’re trendy interior design items anyone can be proud of!


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