Books by Kyra de Vreeze

  • Vegan: The Most Popular Recipes from Kyra’s Kitchen

    Kyra de Vreeze

    | Food & Health | This book has 128 pages

    Food as finger-licking medicine with slices of inspiration

    Plant-based diets are quickly becoming a way of life, but Kyra de Vreeze has been cooking this way for years. Her recipes are mouthwatering, homemade and nutritious. Most are simple, some are indulgent and all are made with natural, preferably seasonal ingredients.

    Her work has been featured in Yoga Magazine, Happinez and Elle Food, among others. Now Kyra is bringing out her own cookbook featuring the most popular dishes from Kyra’s Kitchen, including brand new recipes and beautiful food photography.

    ‘Kyra de Vreeze is a magical fairy princess of radiant health and tasty treats. Kyra’s Kitchen transports you into a world of culinary wonder where everything you’ll prepare and eat will be the most deliciously gorgeous meals imaginable. Prepare to illuminate, get ridiculously happy, and have a lot of fun!’ – TARA STILES, FOUNDER OF STRALA, YOGA TEACHER AND WRITER

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