Books by Marieke Voorsluijs & Barbara Löhnen (Club Geluk)

  • Crochet Mini Christmas Sweaters and Christmas Decorations

    Marieke Voorsluijs & Barbara Löhnen (Club Geluk)

    | Art & Crafts | This book has 80 pages

    Marieke Voorsluijs

    In 2018 we could hang the tree with wonderfully kitsch mini knitted Christmas sweaters. This year, by popular request, everyone can now make wonderfully kitsch crocheted Christmas sweaters! This book contains a basic pattern, plus more than twenty designs to crochet and embroider. To make things even more festive, the book also features patterns for matching mini Christmas socks, hats and mittens. The patterns are presented in Dutch and English and include charts and hilarious photos. A Club Geluk Christmas for everyone to enjoy!


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  • Homey Knitting Projects With Club Geluk

    Marieke Voorsluijs & Barbara Löhnen (Club Geluk)

    | Art & Crafts | This book has 128 pages

    A pony puff. Ugly sweater for the dachshund. A rainbow sponge. Totally unknittable – or not?

    Marieke and Barbara, the two creative women behind Club Geluk (Club Happiness), practice knit art. Their accessories and figures designs are the quintessence of quirky handicraft. Club Geluk designs 50s-inspired (handmade) living items, replicas of everyday objects, and unique gifts. The duo catapulted to international fame when Marieke knitted a döppelganger of her son. News portals such as Metro, Cosmopolitan and Huffington Post have chronicled the creation of the rather unusual knit product. Other bizarre items have been featured in Good Morning America.

    The Homey Knitting Projects book contains 23 surprising and unique projects, littered with funny retro cartoons and ads. Get ready to plunge into knit art beyond needlework as we know it! And don’t forget to check out their website!

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