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  • The Women's Food Compass

    Marjolein Dubbers

    | Non-fiction | This book has 288 pages

    Rights sold: Greystone Books (World English), Heyne Verlag/Verlagsgruppe Random House (Germany), Scolar (Hungary)

    * English sample translation *

    Fatigue, cellulitis, painful breasts, weight gain with no apparent reason, headaches, poor sleep – these and many more similar complaints are all regarded by most as an inevitable part of the female lot, only increasing with age. Besides that, women all over the world suffer from more severe troubles, such as painful period cramps, serious complaints tied to the menopause, PCOS, insulin resistance, IBS and other chronic illnesses.

    However, there is a way to reverse course! Health expert Marjolein Dubbers uncovers the powerful role female hormonal imbalance plays in health issues and how we can actively embark on repairing it. With disarming clarity and an apparent pleasure in storytelling, the Netherlands’ number 1 female vitality coach explains what hormones do and how they are affected by our lifestyle – eating habits, the use of chemical products and exercise or the lack thereof. On the way, she literally takes hormones under the loop to explore questions like: how may dish soap cause oestrogen dominance? Why does stress make you fat? What does the microwave oven do to food?

    With authority and enthusiasm in equal measure, Dubbers sets out seven fundamental pointers for women to restore their health and vitality, teaching you how to keep your hormones in a healthy equilibrium. To support her advice, the author explores the dark secrets of the food industry and reveals what you are really served under the labels ‘zero calories,’ ‘low-fat,’ ‘light’ and the likes. Most importantly, Dubbers’ recommendations are straightforward and accessible. As a bonus, the myth of dieting is debunked: get healthy first, and those kilos will melt on their own!

    A treasure trove of vast knowledge and priceless tips, The Women’s Food Compass provides readers with a fascinating insight into how hormones work and react and how you can keep them in great shape in order to stay fit and healthy.

    Praise for The Women’s Food Compass:


    ‘I was in great distress when I found your site, and more than half a year later I live without pain again. Thanks – you’re a real friend.’ – READER AT THE ENERGETIC WOMEN’S ACADEMY


    The German edition’s publication date is 18 December 2017. You can view the prepublication here.

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