Books by Petra Deij

  • Stay with Me: Moving on from an Affair

    Petra Deij

    | Non-fiction | This book has 256 pages

    When one partner cheats, there will be a period of anger, disgust, blame and regret, followed by the question: do we stay together? If a couple tries to reconcile after an affair and seeks outside help, the relationship counselling that follows is radically different from ‘standard’ relationship counselling. Only if both partners move on from the roles of victim and guilty party can the relationship recover. Stay with Me shows you how to achieve this together.

    EFT for couples, method from Sue Johnson (Hold Me Tight) with a focus on overcoming infidelity by a certified and specialised psychologist

    ‘Stay With Me includes stories and personal exercises which you can do either on your own or together with your partner. These will help you keep your thoughts straight, stay aware of your emotions and will also offer you support in the difficult process of coping with a relationship crisis.’ – TULP MAGAZINE

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