Books by Pieter Feller

  • Scratch & Sneeze

    Pieter Feller

    | Children's Books | This book has 112 pages

    November 2016

    Scratch and Sneeze are stray cats that live in the basement of an empty house. It is not easy to find food every day. Luckily they get help from a magpie and a shy little pug. They make friends with Oedipuss, who lives in a Greek restaurant, and Truffle and Bonbon, two haughty Siamese. But they keep bumping into Pulley the Terrible, the tomcat who terrorises the whole neighbourhood. He wants to chase the two stray cats away. But Scratch and Sneeze are not going to give up without a fight!

    Press on Scratch & Sneeze:
    ‘Feller proves to be a fluent storyteller who specialises in nimble dialogues that lend themselves to being read aloud to a young audience. ’ – Leeuwarder Courant

    ‘Star of this book is Nelissen, who used a mixture of materials (ink, gouache, watercolour, pencil) for the expressive drawings that are not only illustrative, but can also stand alone. ’ – Leeuwarder Courant

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