Books by Shanti Schiks

  • Elfin

    Shanti Schiks

    | Non-fiction | This book has 192 pages

    * English sample translation *

    Losing a child is every parent’s worst nightmare. In the summer of 2016, this nightmare turned into reality for Shanti, when her ex-partner took the life of their 11-month-old son Elfin. Confronted with this almost unbearable tragedy, Shanti decides to tell her story, firmly determined to survive and to keep Elfin’s memory alive. A moving testimony about love and loss, but also about ultimately finding your inner strength again. With this book Shanti wants to help others trust their instincts and love themselves: provide support for anyone in a dire situation.

    Press on Elfin:
    ‘Shanti tells her story in a very gripping way, moreover, she inspires you with her strength and love for life.’ – Leonieke Borghuis, editor in chief of Flair Magazine

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