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  • The Poo Factory Theme Park

    Tjarko van der Pol

    | Children's Books | This book has 48 pages

    September 2016

    Rights sold: Publishing House of Electronics Industry (China), Klett Kinderbuch (Germany), Scolar (Hungary), Taosheng (Taiwan), Gilbut (South-Korea)

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    Pim and Pollie go exploring in the factory where their father works. He is a professor in the poo factory. The factory is threatened with closure because everything keeps getting jammed. Fortunately Pim and Pollie have a very good idea…

    In The Poo Factory Theme Park you take a look inside your own stomach and intestines. Where does your food go when you take a bite? What is poo? How exactly do you do a poo? And what causes stomach ache? In this book you will read all about the clever factory in your stomach, from bite to plop!

    Tjarko van der Pol, Marja Baseler and Annemarie van den Brink wrap up accessible and practical information about everything to do with your stomach and intestines in an exciting story. At the back of the book there is a poo file and a pull-out toilet poster.

    Press on The Poo Factory Theme Park

    ‘Akke van der Bij, doctor and microbiologist, thinks that children will get a lot out of The Poo Factory Theme Park. She stresses that this is her opinion not only as a doctor and microbiologist, but also as a parent. ’ –  Diakonessenhuis Utrecht

    ‘Poo can be so much fun. ’ – Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Voeding en Diëtiek (Dutch Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics)

    ‘A wonderful book, beautiful illustrations and a valuable contribution to poo culture! ’ –  Mark Hoetjer, paediatrician Diakonessenhuis Utrecht

    ‘The charm of the intestines explained through poo-and-pee jokes and numerous illustrated gags. ’ –  NRC Handelsblad

    The Poo Factory Theme Park is a non-fiction book in the guise of a very exciting story for children. ’ –  Stadsblad Utrecht

    ‘A wonderful educational book that you will certainly be able to read without getting your hands dirty! ’ –  NBD Biblion

    ‘A journey through your digestive system. ’ –  Leidsch Dagblad

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