Books by Jelmer Jepsen

  • The Adventures of Stunt Vlogger Sam

    Jelmer Jepsen

    | Children's Books | This book has 224 pages

    Don’t try this at home!

    Hilarious vlog adventures in the countryside

    The Wolf of Weverseind

    Sam lives on a farm with his big brother and his parents. The summer holiday has started but Sam is not looking forward to it one bit. His class mates are off to Spain or Italy, but because Sam’s father is a farmer, they never actually go on holiday. So Big Boredom lies in wait again this year. But then Sam receives a camera from his parents. Finally, now he can vlog just like everyone else. But filming is one thing, getting a lot of likes is another. But Sam knows exactly what to do: create stunt vlogs! If only it goes well…


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